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Funded by the Charity, Sandra is a welcome sight on the Haematology Unit.  She has been offering complementary therapies to inpatients since 1996, bringing comfort and relaxation to many.

Complementary therapy refers to non-medical treatments used alongside conventional medicine to enhance symptom control and improve quality of life.  

Consultation with the medical staff is sought prior to each treatment, which is adapted to suit  each patients needs.

Sandra provdes the following therapies:- Aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, Indian head massage and Reiki.


In partnership with Equality Together, we are able to provide free, confidential and unbiased advice on a wide range of money issues.

To those of you who don't already know him, we would like to introduce you to Jonathan.

Jonathan is a Welfare Rights Officer for Haematology Patients in and around the Bradford area. He is currently working from home to provide a full service for patients, helping them to claim benefits and apply for appropriate grants.

If any Haematology Patients need to contact Jonathan regarding financial help, you can do so by asking your Clinical Nurse Specialist to refer you to him. They will pass your details on and he will make contact with you by telephone.


The Annette Fox Leukaemia Research Fund was set up in 1983 by the parents and friends of Annette Fox, a local Bradford girl who died of leukaemia in 1980 aged just 17.

We are an independant registered charity based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

We raise funds to help support Haematology patients and their families in and around the Bradford area.

Managed by a board of 8 Trustees, all volunteers, we rely on your donations to help others and are always grateful for your support.

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