Mr Jonathan Bentley (Chairman)

Mrs Christine Parapia (Treasurer)

Prof. Liakat Parapia

Dr Ann Cuthbert

Mrs Helen Johnson

Mr Michael C Heaton

Dr David Robertshaw

Dr Adrian Williams

The Annette Fox Leukaemia Research Fund is managed by 8 Trustees, all of whom are volunteers, giving their time for free.

Importantly, this means that more of the money you donate goes straight into the Charity funds and not on management costs.

Trustee meetings are held 6 to 8 times a year, where decisions are made regarding various aspects of the Charity, whether that be Grants requested for individual patients, or planning of fundraising events. 

An Annual General Meeting also takes place, usually around November time, where the Charity's supporters, fundraisers and members of the public are invited to attend, meet with the Trustees, receive an overview of the annual accounts and put forward any questions or ideas they may have.