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The Annette Fox Leukaemia Research Fund use your donations to help support Haematology patients in many ways:

  • Providing Complementary Therapy and Welfare Advice for Patients (more).

  • Provide individual grants to patients facing financial difficulties due to their illness or treatment.

  • Fund specialist training for medical staff to improve their knowledge and skills and inturn improve the care patients receive.

  • Support and enhance the areas within the hospital environment for Haematology patients, particularly Wards 33 and 16 at the Bradford Royal Infirmary.

  • Provide specialist medical equipment to improve the patient experience.  Previous purchases have been a specialist venesection chair for the day unit, along with electronic fully reclining chairs for blood transfusions and chemotherapy, so patients can lay or sit comfortably during their often lengthy treatments.  New bedroom furniture for each of the individual en-suite rooms on Ward 33 for inpatients, giving a more home from home feel and providing extra storage. 

  • Funding of a Research Nurse post for 3 years. Haematology research benefits patients by making new drugs and novel agents available to patients.  Clinical trials are a range of local, regional, national and international which are part of the National Institute for Health Research and in line with the Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber Research Network (CRN Y&H) objectives.  The Charity has also funded other specialist posts in the past, all for a limited number of years before they were then continued to be funded by the NHS, these included a paediatric nurse specialist and a clinical nurse specialist.

  • Toiletry Packs are provided by the Fund for patients on the Haematology Unit who may have to stay in unexpectedly overnight. The packs contain soap, shower gel, shampoo, tissues, toothbrush, toothpaste, 2 disposable face cloths and a comb.  A donation of just £2.50 will buy one of these packs – which are greatly appreciated by the patients who receive them. 

  • The Fund provides a selection of head turbans for in-patients who are experiencing hair loss due to their treatment. The Turbans have been very well received by those who choose to use them and at just £3 each a small donation from you can help us provide this gift to many more patients.

  • Over the years the Charity have funded many day trips for children with haemophilia, sickle cell and thalaasaemia and their families, along with several Christmas parties.


The Annette Fox Leukaemia Research Fund was set up in 1983 by the parents and friends of Annette Fox, a local Bradford girl who died of leukaemia in 1980 aged just 17.

We are an independant registered charity based in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

We raise funds to help support Haematology patients and their families in and around the Bradford area.

Managed by a board of 8 Trustees, all volunteers, we rely on your donations to help others and are always grateful for your support.

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